,man holding rootcrop

AgroWorld: Pioneering Agricultural Extension in Maharashtra

,man holding rootcrop

Introduction to AgroWorld

AgroWorld is a prominent organization dedicated to agricultural extension, with a robust presence in 29 districts of Maharashtra. It has been instrumental in advancing agricultural practices and rural development through various initiatives aimed at empowering farmers with the latest information and technologies.

State-Level Agricultural Exhibitions

One of AgroWorld’s key activities is organizing state-level agricultural exhibitions in Jalgaon, Nashik, and Shahada. These exhibitions have become a cornerstone for the agricultural community, attracting around one lakh farmers to each event. So far, AgroWorld has successfully hosted 19 agricultural exhibitions and one grain festival in Pune. These exhibitions are free for farmers and provide comprehensive information on new technologies, modern equipment, small business opportunities related to agriculture, contract farming, and agricultural exports.

AgroWorld Magazine

Since its establishment in 2014, AgroWorld has been publishing a peer-reviewed, open-access monthly magazine. This publication serves as a vital platform for disseminating groundbreaking innovations and techniques across agriculture and its allied sectors. It aims to keep the agricultural community informed and equipped with the latest advancements in the field.

Support and Services for Farmers

AgroWorld has been providing free support to nearly 5 lakh farmers through its call center and WhatsApp broadcast groups. For the past seven years, 22 girls have been working tirelessly to offer farmers information on modern technology, agricultural mechanization, government schemes, weather updates, market prices, international agricultural developments, and solutions to common farming challenges. Additionally, AgroWorld organizes workshops on diverse topics like direct sales from farmers to customers, poultry farming, animal husbandry, and dairy business.


AgroWorld’s commitment to agriculture and rural development continues to grow stronger with each passing year. Through its extensive range of services and initiatives, it remains a beacon of support and innovation for farmers across Maharashtra, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern agricultural landscape.


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